Best Weighted Blanket

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Best Weighted Blankets

Despite a relative lack of scientific knowledge to back it up, weighted blankets have emerged on the scene as one of the most popular products for those who are having trouble sleeping.

The best weighted blankets resemble a heavy quilt, with metal, glass or plastic weights sewn into pockets and evenly distributed beneath the cover. The weight of the blanket simulates the feeling of being held, and there are claims that they can have an impact on your mood and calm the nervous system.

The promise of improved sleep with the best weighted blanket appears to have had a boom on the industry, with duvet/blanket manufacturers all attempting to develop the most innovative product for their customers. In turn, people are eager to try this advancement with more weight than ever being placed on the importance of sleep for both children and adults alike.

This guide breaks down the best weighted blankets on the market and goes into detail on each product – to help find the best option for you.

Best Weighted Blankets 2021

Top-selling Weighted Blankets

  1. Waowoo Adult Weighted Blanket Queen Size
  2. RELAX EDEN Adult Weighted Blanket W/Removable, Washable Duvet Cover
  3. YnM Weighted Blanket — Heavy 100% Oeko-Tex Certified Cotton Material
  4. chilla 20 lbs Weighted Blanket Set
  5. Bare Home Weighted Blanket for Kids 10lb
  6. Weighted Idea Cool Weighted Blanket Twin Size
  7. Qusleep Diamond Weighted Blanket
  8. COMHO Weighted Blanket Cotton Heavy Blanket
  9. LUNA Adult Weighted Blanket
  10. Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

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